After building this website and spending countless hours going through lines of codes to find those extra slashes and/or apostrophes that throw off an entire page's design, this has got to be the hardest thing to do - write something about myself.

My name (in case the URL threw you off) is Kevin Cotter. I'm an experienced Multimedia/Graphic Designer. My areas of design include: brand identity, print-making, typography, page layout, HTML/CSS (yes, and HTML 5) and interface design. Other areas include: video editing, audio editing and synching, and voice-over.

I have over four years experience working as a designer throughout various companies. I began as design assistant working for a small company locally, JM Graphix, where I specialized in brand identity, designed brochures, business cards, and screen printed artwork onto t-shirts. I even designed a few shirts for me. It sure beat going out shopping for them! My most recent role was working for a risk-management company, TargetSafety, where I served as a Content Multimedia Designer. I was strictly in charge of all video content and graphic work that was used in the development of online training for Firefighters, Police, and EMTs.

I am continuing to branch out and look for every opportunity to learn new skills. I am a quick learner, very detail-oriented, deadline-driven, and will always be passionate about design. All of this is what I contribute to ANY role that I am in and would like to offer it to ANY potential employer who is considering bringing me to their team.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested.

Resume: Graphical | Text-based

LinkedIn: Kevin E. Cotter

Twitter: K. Cotter


Phone: (617) 833-8514